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If you have decided that your personalized gift will be a huge surprise this year, welcome to our world of such ideas!
You don’t need much to realize it.

Choice of styles on VintagePhotoMix

A personalized gift is an idea based on knowledge of the person for whom we are making a gift. The better we know the person, the cooler the gift we are able to make.
For example, a personalized western style movie poster for fans of cowboy movies, beautiful and sexy Valentine’s Day card with you as a classic pin-up girl for your husband or your mom’s beloved pet in the royal portrait as a gift for Mother’s Day.

So choose from our offer what suits you best, or contact us and describe your own idea for personalized portrait.
(click here to Contact us)

Choosing photos example

Choose the photos you like best! This is very important because you will avoid disappointment. We know from experience that if you don’t like a photo, you’ll never like it, no matter how we try.
Look at the picture of your choice. What is the position of the person in the picture? In what direction does the person face? Choose photos that best match the face and body directions of the character in the picture. If you choose the right photos then the transformation effect will be the best! Remember that the better the photo quality is, the more magnificent the final result will be.
You can upload up to 10 photos from which we choose the most suitable for the project.


Choose how you want to make a payment.
We offer two options. Through the PayPal system
or through the Etsy website.
Keep in mind that the price on the website does not include fees charged by the Etsy store.

3 ways how to upload photos

You can upload your photos by choosing one of three options:

– via our Contact Form on the website
(click here to Contact us)

– send directly to our email address

– use the options offered by the Etsy platform
(click here to go to ETSY Shop)

Personalized portrait in pin-up style

You artwork will be sent straight to your email ready to use online or for print within a few days (the time depends on how many corrections and changes you will want to make).
Use your unique design to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones.
Imagination knows no bounds!

Options for personalized gifts

We hope that we have helped a little in understanding the rules.

If you still don’t understand something or are unsure just write.
We will try to help as best we can.

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