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Here is a short tutorial that explains how to upload photos. We hope you find it helpful!

3 ways how to upload photos


You can upload your photos by choosing one of three options:

– via our Contact Form on the website
(click here to Contact us)

– send directly to our email address

– use the options offered by the Etsy platform
(click here to go to ETSY Shop)



You can send your photos using our contact form. Find it under each of the selected items or on a separate
Contacts page.

How to upload photos via contact form.

Enter your name, nickname or whatever so we can call you somehow.
Also enter your email address so that we can contact you and finally send your order.

Describe your expectations, what is important to you and what you would like to be included in the picture. Text, colors, and any other information. We will be able to prepare the most personalized project for you if you describe exactly what you want.

Read our Privacy Policy carefully! This is in your best interest as it is your photos we will work with. Check this box when you are sure that everything is fine for you.

  • Click on the black rectangular button labeled “DROP FILES OR CLICK TO SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD”;
  • A pop-up window will appear;
  • Browse to a folder on your computer/phone and click “OPEN”;
  • Select one or more photos (Ctrl+select) and click “OPEN”;
  • The images/photos will upload to contact form.

Please confirm that you are not a robot. We know it’s boring, but we’re trying to protect ourselves from hacking and spamming attacks. Please understand and be patient.

Click the SUBMIT button. Your form will be sent. That’s it!


If you prefer, just send us an email to the following address:


You can also use the form of contact proposed by the Etsy platform where our shop is located.

Choose the item that interests you.

Choose the size of the DIGITAL file. 
With CUSTOM ORDER you can additionally select the number of figures in the picture and add your personalisation.

If you want to continue, add your selection to the basket.

In your basket, before buying, you can contact us by clicking “Contact shop”.

Etsy doesn’t have an option to include photos other than through a contact form, also known as Messages.
There are different forms of the message window, and the icon allows you to upload images is in a different place, but it always looks the same. 

  • Just click on the icon.
  • A pop-up window will appear;
  • Browse to a folder on your computer/phone and click “OPEN”;
  • Select one or up to 3 photos (Ctrl+select) and click “OPEN”;
  • The images/photos will upload to the message.
  • Click SEND button.
  • That’s all!

We hope that we have helped a little.

If you still don’t understand something or are unsure just write.
We will try to help as best we can.

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