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Who is behind VintagePhotoMix?
Just two people! Neither a big company nor a corporation.  We are a couple with an extraordinary dog and together, we run our small family business. Anna and Slawek, we both are graphic designers and photographers (dog is neither a graphic designer nor a photographer, Rabek is our model). We create and work together for 10 years. We have been involved in various artistic projects during this time. We have been working on the idea of VitagePhotoMix since 2017. We started to create personalized portraits and custom designs only in mid-2018! From then to now we were able to complete many orders, and so far (knock on  wood!) we have not had any complaints, and the pool of fully satisfied customers is still growing. We hope that this trend will continue and we we will be involved in many different projects, both ours and yours.

Team of VintagePhotoMix

Digital personalized portrait is a digital item and doesn’t require any postage of a physical item. Each order is called a “project” because it is the whole set of activities, from searching for an idea tailored to individual needs, through the selection of appropriate materials and photos, to the realization of the order. Briefly speaking with your photo, selected picture, great idea and mouse, we create hilarious, unique and beautiful designs which you can use any way you like! You can have made-to-order Christmas cad, customized Valentine’s Day card, personalized movie poster as birthday present, Mother’s Day gift and many others. Customized digital portraits are perfect for any occasion, because they are made from your photos for your loved ones – the perfect unforgettable gift.
The unique present which makes everyone smile!


We have many great ideas! That is why VintagePhotoMix has offer for everyone! Here are some interesting scenarios.

Pet portrait in Victorian hat

Your mother is a big fan of Victorian hats and her favourite pet is a cat named Bella. You are searching for Mother’s Day gift. Here’s how beautiful card you can give her. On VintagePhotoMix you will find many other ideas!

You are celebrating your 4th Wedding Anniversary and are looking for something special for this occasion. The 4th Wedding Anniversary is called the Fruit or Floral Anniversary. Here’s what you can find on VintagePhotoMix website.

Fourth Anniversary personalized portrait
Vintage photo remade digitally as a idea for personalized T-shirt.

 A friend with whom you always ride bicycles has a birthday. Think how much you will surprise him when you add a personalized vintage photo on his T-shirt!

Your boyfriend is movie buff and you are looking for gift for cinema lover. Who knows, maybe your boyfriend likes the good old classic cinema? A big fan of Film Noir? What do you think about a personalized movie poster made especially for you by VintagePhotoMix  for a birthday gift for him?

Personalized movie poster in Film Noir style

Still not convinced that this is something you are looking for?
Contact us and  together we can come up with something completely unique!

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